How to change the Cash App PIN? Steps to reset the Cash App card PIN if you forgot it.

The Cash App is considered the most secure payment gateway for digitally transferring and receiving money. It offers so many features to users, so it is popular among users. The Cash App allows users to set up a Cash App PIN, a “Personal Identification Number.” This PIN plays a vital role in securing the data of your bank accounts, credit/debit cards safe and secure.

Almost all digital devices come with such strong security, and every application like Cash App provides robust protection to their user’s data. As a user, you must set up the Cash App PIN to better protect your account. It would help if you turned it on by going to the “Privacy and Security” tab in your Cash App account. It is likely that you already have a Cash App PIN for your account. But if you haven’t, it is pretty simple to set up the Cash App PIN of your mobile phone.

change Cash App PIN

Here are the steps to enable the security PIN on the Cash App account:

  • Launch Cash App on your mobile phone
  • Select profile icon
  • Go to “Privacy & Security” settings.
  • In the “Privacy & Security” page, tap on that switch icon in green color
  • Once it is set to green color, your account is activated with the security lock.
  • You can also put your Touch ID or PIN.
  • Once your security lock is turned on, the next time you make any transaction or change on your account, you will be prompted to enter the PIN or touch id for more safe and secure payments.

What if I forgot my Cash App PIN?

The Cash App PIN is essential for protecting your account because it gives only the account holder to access it. Moreover, many users use the touch ID or thump impression, allowing only the actual account holder to open the Cash App to send or receive money. However, sometimes due to technical reasons, the thumb impression does not work, and often many users forget the Cash App PIN. The worrying part here is, what if you forget the Cash App?

There can be different consequences in case you have forgotten the Cash App PIN. But before we move forward, what are the solutions to deal with this situation? First, let’s understand what happens if you are unable to access your Cash App account:

  • You won’t send or receive money and check your Cash App account balance on your mobile phone.
  • Without entering the PIN, Cash App will not allow you to sell or withdraw Bitcoin and invest in stocks.
  • Last but not least, without entering the PIN, you can’t spend money through your Cash App cash card or withdraw cash at any ATM.

So, to sum up, without Cash App PIN, you can’t do anything with your Cash App account, and you won’t be able to access any of its features. Therefore it becomes imperative in such as situation to immediately reset the Cash App PIN.

But is it possible to change the Cash App card PIN? There are specific steps you need to take on your mobile phone to reset the PIN. In the next section, you will the step-by-step process for this.

How to Change the Cash App PIN?

Although it cannot be denied that Cash App PIN is very much required for securing an account. But sometimes, users forget the cash app PIN in such cases; it becomes very much frustrating. It is understandable because, without the PIN, you will not make any transaction from your account.  

You will also not use the Cash App card because it works with the same cash app PIN. Apart from the Cash App PIN being forgotten, there can be many other reasons why the users decide to change the Cash App PIN. Before we move forward to discuss the process to rest the pin, let’s know what the different scenarios in which you can reset or change the Cash App PIN is:

  • If you shared the Cash App PIN with someone else and now want to change it so that other people don’t access it.
  • If there is any eros in your personal identity verification, and Cash App is repeatedly showing incorrect PIN on the screen
  • Another reason which is the most common reason for changing the Cash App PIN is that users can not remember. In simple words, if you have forgotten the Cash App PIN, you set up a new PIN or touch ID for your account.

So here comes the point of how to change the Cash App PIN if you are in such a situation. You will be delighted to know that you can reset the Cash App card PIN. To generate a new PIN for your cash app account, you need to follow some easy processes on your account.

Step by step process of reset Cash App PIN:

  • Open Cash App on your device and login to your login
  • Select the Profile icon on the right side of the screen
  • Here in click on the “Privacy” option
  • Then choose the “Change Cash Pin” and “Forgot Cash Pin.”
  • You can select any option to reset the Cash App PIN; after this, you will receive the confirmation code on the registered number.
  • You need to enter the verification code; then, on the next page, Cash App will ask you to set a new pin for your account.
  • Please enter the new PIN and now note it down.


Q: What is a Cash App PIN?
A: The Cash App PIN is a unique personal identification number that is used for the protection of users’ accounts. All the users on Cash App can generate this PIN in the Privacy tab of their account.

Q: Do I need a different PIN for a Cash App card?
A: No, you do not need a different PIN for a Cash App card. Once you get your card it will be linked with your Cash App and work with the same PIN and you can use it like you would any other debit card.

Q: Why does Cash App require a PIN?
A: Cash requires a PIN for the protection of users’ accounts and their hard-earned money. To make payments with the Cash App users need to create a PIN and touch ID.

Q: What if I cannot reset my Cash App PIN?
A: If you are not able to reset the Cash App PIN then you should contact the Cash App customer service phone number. Here you can share all your concerns and get them resolved.

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