How to Cancel a Cash App Payment?

Cash App is a mobile payment app designed for sending and receiving money. There are no charges for creating an account on Cash App and it is available for both Android and iPhone users. Cash App can be used by over a million users in the United States of America, but it does not support international payments. Although Cash App payments are supposed to be instant however sometimes there are troubles in transactions.

The cancel Cash App payment is one of the common issues that users commonly face. There can be different reasons for cancelling a Cash App payment and it could vary from user to user such as sending money to the wrong recipient or entering incorrect amounts of money or other such credentials. Unfortunately, if any payment is pending on your account and you want to know how to cancel a Cash App payment then you are at the right place.

Here in this article, we will give answers to some of the most common queries about how to cancel payment on Cash App.  In addition to it, you will also get information on requesting a Cash App refund.

How do I cancel the Cash App payment?

There are certain Cash App terms and policies, which specify circumstances when users can cancel cash app transactions. On Cash App, users can only cancel the pending payments. In means, if the payment was not successfully transferred then it can be cancelled.

For instance, if you are sent money from your account and by mistake it was sent to the wrong recipient then such transactions cannot be cancelled on Cash App. It is required that you immediately cancel the Cash App payment once a transaction is failed.

  1. Install the Cash App on your mobile device and log into your account
  2. On the left side of the screen click on the Activity tab
  3. After this search for the payment that you want to cancel;
  4. Click on it and check its status
  5. If it is pending then there must be the option to “Cancel” it.
  6. Hit on the”Cancel” button
  7. If the money was deducted from your account then you will get the cash app refund within refund in 4-6 working days.

Get Cash App refund for cancelled payments:

So now you know how to cancel the Cash App transaction on your account. After cancelling the payment, if any amount was deducted from you are entitled to get the Cash App refund. However, you will not get the cash app refund money automatically for this you need to make a request for it by following some steps:

  • You need to install the Cash App on your mobile
  • Then click on the Activity tab
  • In the Activity search for the payment you want to get the refund from
  • Now harness on the three dots located in the top right corner of the home screen.
  • Select the “Return” tab and click Ok


Q: Can I raise the Cash App payment dispute?
A: You can raise the Cash App payment dispute in case you do not get the refund money within a specified time. For raising a payment dispute, you need to contact the Cash App customer service phone number.

Q: What is the timeline for the Cash App refunds?
A: The timeline for Cash App refunds is 2 to 5 working days. So once you make a request for refund money on Cash App you need to for this time period.

Q: Can I return a Cash App payment?
A: Yes, you can refund the payment if you received it by mistake.  You need to return the payment to the sender through which you received it.

Q: How do I get my money back if I was scammed on Cash App?
A: If you were scammed on the Cash App and now looking to get your money back. In such situations, you need to contact the official Cash App customer service through your mobile app.